What former students have said about me:

Hi Professor Wilkens. I just wanted to let you know I started a new position with Hensel Phelps. I am working on the LAX project T 1.5. The project management classes have really paid off. Thank you for the help.

Jesse Juarez 

Hi Tammo, I participated in your Project Management certificate course.  I learned so much from not only your curriculum, but also from your own experiences. I really enjoyed my time during your classes as I was able to gain tools that I can use beyond the realm of project Management. 

I’m excited to announce that since receiving the Project Management certificate, I was hired as Project Coordinator for a risk management firm in the construction industry.  When asked the reason I was hired, it was because of my ability to identify critical activities and give examples of well thought out risk management safeguards. During the interview, I was able to provide some of the examples you had demonstrated during our classes which impressed them greatly. With this new job, come many opportunities to grow.

This course, combined with your ability to share the experiences and knowledge you’ve accumulated, enabled me to get a new job, and (using the negotiations lessons taught in class) negotiate for my desired wage! 

I sincerely wanted to thank you for your time, professionalism, and dedication to teaching this course. I have every intention of moving forward in the Project Management arena, and my journey has only begun!

Thank you again!  Elias Salgado

Good afternoon Mr. Wilkens,    I want to express my gratitude and thankfulness for you and your class teachings. My personal experience in your class was very educational; it was awesome. I enjoyed every class. Soon I hope to see you in the Microsoft Project class.

Respectfully, Roberto Castro

I just wanted to say Thank You! to you for all your help with the courses and the exam prep.  I took the exam on 12/30 and passed it on the first try!  I actually got “Above Target” on all areas, so that’s a credit to you and how well you taught the material.  I really appreciate your help!  Thanks!

Miguel García

Hello Mr. Wilkens,  I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional teaching skills of the Project Management courses at Cal State University Dominguez Hills.  During the 5 months of the classes, I received two promotions which added $40K to my annual income.

My interviewers were especially interested in me because I was able to incorporate the fundamental knowledge and concepts of project management into the position.  My specialty is Human Resources in K-12 educational. Your classes have provided me with an edge in public education.  I cannot wait to apply my PMP® knowledge in my new high paid job.

Thank you for being an effective and passionate instructor. You were patient with the entire class and ensured that we conceptually comprehend the concepts and applications of project management in the real world.

Hedieh Khajavi

I think that Professor Wilkens genuinely cares about his students’ success and was determined to make such an unorthodox classroom (Zoom) work as best it could. His experience also shines through in his teaching. I’ve been in classrooms with professors who are clearly reading from notes and don’t necessarily have the knowledge to stray from them. With Professor Wilkens, I could tell that he knew the material inside and out.


From Course Evaluations: What did you especially like about the instructor?

Real life examples.

Very knowledgeable, friendly, passion for teaching & project management.

Cares that we get/understand content, encourages questions.

Patience and ready to explain everything.

Professor is a subject matter expert.

Very well spoken. Clear speaker. Engages all students. Keeps participation.

It was very helpful that Mr. Wilkens was able to provide relatable examples from his experiences.

The professor was very entertaining and made learning fun!

The instructor is both personable and highly knowledgeable. You can tell that he knows these processes like the back of his hand.

All of the classes were so well organized and I really appreciated the lecture materials Great classes!

Prof Wilkens is the best! give him a raise.

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